Fotografia manekina ducha

Ghost Mannequin Photography: Create 3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

Do you know what is the 2nd best thing for fashion photography? The availability of ghost mannequins. You can use and reuse a ghost mannequin as many times as you want and they are less costly than models. By u Czytaj więcej

Jak usunąć ubrania w Photoshopie

Complete Tutorial on How to Remove Clothes in Photoshop

Can you remove someone’s clothes with photoshop tools? partially yes, you can. Will it look like a real body underneath? No, it will not. Photoshop can either replace or erase something from the photo. So, by Czytaj więcej

Fotografia produktów meblowych

Furniture Product Photography: Shoot Large Product Perfectly

Furniture photography is challenging because of its shape, size, and designs. They take up a lot of space and moving them around in locations is quite a hard task. At the same time, you need to focus on perfect Czytaj więcej